Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Time to wake up and smell the daffodils!

Anatomy of a Psyllid

Plagues of psyllids, small aquatic mustelids morphing (and multiplying) into friendly prehistoric reptiles, each called ‘Wolbachia’, going into university lacking undergarments and trousers, only to discover that the entire Biosciences department has been redeveloped, and now features both open-plan bathrooms and individually-attended compost toilets (reached by ladders that are too steep to climb), in-your-face colourful poster depictions of exciting departmental research, TV soap actors dressed as lawyers using the office computers, oh, and Mozzarella and tomato sandwiches made from battered waffles for breakfast…

Well, now that I’ve finally woken up, it’s time for a rest. In order to give my brain (and accompanying body) some time-out, I’ve decided to resist the enticingly-beckoning allure of my psylloidean-based research and instead opt for a day of adventures with my Lovely Other Half and the Small Person. The latter is in charge today, and prescribed missions thus far include a visit to the Merry Maidens stone circle, a picnic (subject to varying degrees of sun/wind presence), a game of football, a treasure hunt on the beach, and a little bit of bird observation (my special request).

Let’s hope some breakfast (fortunately not a battered waffle in sight) and a couple of painkillers will serve to restore some clarity to my poor over-worked brain, which is still feeling rather thick, woolly and generally nonsense-filled. I desperately need to attempt to reclaim a far less erratic sleep/wake schedule, as this past week or so, I’ve been all over the place – not necessarily something that I have that much control over when it comes to having a silly narcoleptic brain but I’ll do my best. So:

• no more staying up late to do work - even if I am enjoying it – from now on, I will be in bed by 11pm at the latest, and I will read not use the computer

• no more reclining on the settee whilst using the computer – I will remain in an upright position at all times (note to self: SIT UP NOW!)

• no more ‘relaxing’ by doing puzzles on the computer – you know what happens when you do that

OK, that’s enough for now!

I haven’t forgotten that I’m overdue a more ‘down to Earth’ entry – will be on to it in due course. For now, I think I’d better get on with breakfast-eating, showering and general adventure preparation, especially as the Small Person is busy gathering picnic supplies as I write…

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